Grafica News - December 2012

Asian Print Media installs 4th Grafica’s machine to print footwear and bicycle seat covers

Grafica has been regularly receiving repeat orders from its valued customers who believe in ‘brand loyalty’. A point in case is New Delhi based Asian Print Media, a screen printing solution provider for footwear and bicycle industry.

After their successful investment in Grafica’s CamShell and two nano-print plus, Asian Print Media has recently installed one more nano-print plus. Now, with these three Grafica’s nano print plus, they print bicycle seat covers, foam and stem pad sets, and on Camshell they print on eva slippers and rexine (footwear) with thickness ranging from 2 mm to 16 mm.

Speaking about the importance of brand loyalty, Rohit Bansal, proprietor of Asian Print Media, says: “I strongly believe in sourcing machines from a single point reliable supplier who has excellent track record in quality, prompt after sales service and technical support. What else you can expect from Grafica which meets all these criteria. Frankly speaking, I could never think of any other manufacturer whenever I wanted to buy a screen printing machine.”

“Grafica not only manufacturers best machines but also imparts the best knowledge in advanced screen printing. This is the dual advantage of being loyal to brand Grafica,” says Rohit.

“Since the purchase of Grafica’s 30” x 40” Camshell, I have established good rapport with them like a well knitted fabric. I feel fully secured to deal with them. What else, I even recommend Grafica’s machines to my friends in printing industry,” he adds.

“Nano print plus is an easy to use yet high performance/multiapplication machine with excellent print results; and maintenance free. I have no complaints but only compliments to team Grafica for all their good work.”

He concludes: “With excellent printing machines I am now on growth path.”

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