Grafica News - August 2012

With 7 screen printing machines from Grafica Rony Print believes in brand loyalty

Monoranjan Mahato, proprietor of Rony Print, is one of the loyal customers who consistently came back to Grafica whenever he wanted to buy a new machine! This is a testimony to Grafica's growing brand loyalty!

According to one school of thought, “brand loyalty” necessarily means customer's willingness to repeated buying of a product or service.

Amazing though, during the last 5 years, Rony Print has invested in as many as 7 Grafica's screen printing machines to meet the growing demand for fine quality heat transfers. These include: Grafica's 5 mini CamShell, one each of Nano-Print plus and Nano- Print, besides his recent buy of nano-screen maker 5-in-1.

“With complete advanced screen printing system from Grafica, we are able to produce fine quality heat transfers. As a result, these days we frequently receive enquiries from prospective customers as the news about my huge modern screen printing set up has spread in the market,” reveals Monoranjan Mahato.

Brand loyalty:
During an interview, Monoranjan Mahato has revealed that his brand loyalty towards Grafica was purely on merit of Grafica's market reputation, quality, suitability and performance of their machines backed by dependable after sales service and technical support. “That's why I never think of any other brands except Grafica. In future, if a need arises I will buy more machines from Grafica. I even recommend Grafica's machines to my industry friends,” vows Monoranjan.

“Let me divulge that initially we had other alternatives of going for costly MNC machines or cheaper Chinese machines. But we were neither lured by the 'imported' tag nor fell prey to cheaper machines and then repent,” he asserts.

“I believe in sourcing machines from single reliable supplier who has a good market reputation, strong manufacturing and knowledge base. Over the years, we have established good rapport with team Grafica like a well knitted fabric.

Monoranjan Mahato was born in a simple agricultural family at Bankura district in north- West Bengal, his entry into textile printing was quite unexpected. As a school drop-out, at the age of 16 he migrated to Kolkata with no money in his pocket but only a fire in his belly. At behest of his close relatives, he started a small textile screen printing business, and since then there was no turning back.

He says that his hard work (Mehanat) has finally paid him rich dividend in the form of 'success.'

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