Grafica News - August 2012

Hands-on-Training for Grafica Customers at DMI

Advance Screen Printing is a process which needs constant knowledge upgradation on the part of screen printers since it involves certain specific standard procedures in order to achieve desired print results. The parameters used in entire screen printing process, right from pre press (positive output) to screen making to printing and print finishing differ job to job, application to application, substrate to substrate (industrial, commercial, graphics, labels and stickers, textile, etc).

Since there is not a single educational institute in India to impart a specific course or training on advanced screen printing, DMI, an educational initiative of Grafica, has single handedly taken up the challenge of empowering screen printers with advanced techniques.

Since 2006, DMI has been conducting regular 3-day workshops involving theory and practicals on advanced screen printing machines. But off late Grafica found that its huge customer base needs job-specific training in order to make full use of advanced screen printing technology. In view of this DMI has embarked on a major Handson training series (two days) involving only practical sessions for Grafica's customers. Compared to its regular workshops which is usually attended by 40-50, only 10 participants from 5 companies are accommodated in the Hands on training.

DMI's Director Bhargav Mistry, along with DMI faculties, oversees the training session and participants get an opportunity to interact with him on one-to-one basis to get many practical tips and solve their on the job problems in specific areas – be it screen making (fabric stretching, emulsion coating, screen exposing, screen reclaiming), printing and print finishing.

Since June'12 three batches have already been conducted with around 15 printing firms taking benefit of the training.

The participants felt that such training is the need of the hour to keep pace with the changing screen printing technology and its wide applications. The next session will be announced soon. Log on to:

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