Grafica News - January 2011

18-20 Nov 2010, Workshop

‘I learnt how to print effect without die punch’

The just concluded 3-day workshop on Advanced Screen Printing Process at DMI taught a great lesson to around 40 printing professionals on how to be “innovative” and “out of the box servicing” to impress the print buyers. The workshop was held on 18, 19 and 20 November 2010 in DMI's world class training facility.

And to prove this point Mr. Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI led a team of DMI's faculty and trainee faculties to carry out a live demo of four process color screen printing with 100 LPI halftone dots, innovative wedding card screen printed with 'punch emboss effect without conventional die punching and a mind blowing corporate folder with six special effects – all 100% screen printed.

The whole exercise was conducted using Grafica's advanced screen printing machine and equipment, after appropriate theoretical presentations in DMI's seminar hall. So after seeing the live demo, the participants had then every reason to realize that automation visa-a-visa the adoption of gen-next screen printing technology is the key to all successful execution of innovative ideas. Grafica's corporate folder was screen printed on 300 gsm silver foil paper well executed with various print finishing techniques. The silver foil paper got transformed into a stylish and magical corporate folder with micro embossing effect through screen printing on bottom half with the text of inspiring technological slogans with matt UV and wrinkle effects on top half. The effect of tikki (Raised effect) on Grafica's URL was creatively executed by using thick film technique.

As reported earlier DMI has been witnessing an increased participation of women entrepreneurs and this time there were 5 women printing professionals very eagerly and attentively listening to the theory and penning down tips heard during the 3-day practical.

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