Grafica News - January 2011

7-9 Oct 2010, Workshop

DMI introduces High Value Packaging

With festival seasons round the corner, 35 participants had a mouth watering experience with 'The Cake Basket” produced live at the recent 3-days workshop at DMI on 7-9 October 2010.

The Cake Basket was really a Tasty Teasers which had combination of process color screen printing with multiple (14) UV special effects.

The workshop started on the 7th with theory by Mr. Bhargav Mistry till the lunch time. Before start of the session he tried to gather response from the participants on what they wanted to learn from the 3-day workshop.

There was quite mixed response with everyone telling their own tales of problems. Some participants wanted to know the right method of screen making; some said they face frequent screen snapping problem, few of them wanted to know the tricks of UV special effect printing; one of the participants said he wanted to know how to solve moiré problem and know the right method of exposing for halftone printing.

To sum up, the screen printing industry does not want just technology but perfect knowledge to fine tune their operations and grow in business and above all give better print solutions to print buyers.

So, this 3 days workshop tried to address these issues practically right from designing to screen making to screen printing with lot of advance knowledge in print finishing.

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