Grafica News - Aug 2011

DMI is increasingly becoming indispensable


After attending DMI's 3 days workshop I want to affirm: 'Never think screen printing is small and labour intensive job; my vision has now broadened and now I am more interested in screen printing especially with UV special effects. I will stop using the white / nylon fabric, fix yellow light in screen making unit, use aluminium frames instead of wooden, also plan to have A.C in my printing unit. This is the impact DMI workshop. Rajoo Vaghela, Director V. ART, Rajkot

I have been to many workshops/seminars but this one has been an eye opener. In just 3 days we were able to grasp the core knowledge of advanced screen printing. Speaker Bhargav Mistry is a very good orator, gem of a person, technically very sound in screen printing, very enthusiastic, determined, focused and master in screen printing. I urge my fellow printing professionals to attend DMI's 3- day workshop to fully understand and comprehend the true meaning of the 'workshop' and experience the difference. Sayed Abdul Rahiman, Asst. Plant Manager Silverpoint Press Pvt.Ltd, Navi Mumbai

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