Grafica News - April 2011

With Grafica's Cam Shell Leo Circuit Boards on bio-sensors space

Leo Circuit Boards offers total solutions for PCB design, Layout, fabrication and Assembly requirements. With work force of 150, the vertically integrated company offers various manufacturing solutions right from concept, design up to final product.

Sudesh Rao, Managing Director of Leo Circuit Boards Pvt Ltd shares his experience in PCB.

Why automation?

Ever since we switched over to automation we have been witnessing a marked improvement in productivity and quality drastically. We are also able to fulfill customers tight delivery schedules. I strongly believe automation is the only way out to achieve consistent quality and productivity in Printed Circuit Boards.

What's the definition of quality in PCB printing?

Consistent quality is very critical in PCB manufacturing. For e.g., for Bare PCB, the coating on masking should be very even and scratch free; it should cover entire area of the PCB else there would be short-circuit while carrying out soldering. Also, there should be absolutely even finish so it looks aesthetically appealing. This is all about printing of Photo imageable Solder Mask (PISM).

And, in case of legend printing, sharper the legend, better the readability. There are two aspects in legend printing: sharper legend looks aesthetic. Sharpness means easy to read details of component parts markings which are very critical. However, if there is smudging, the legend gets pushed onto back side and there is a chance of getting soldered. If there is spread and smudge, it is a problem. Since epoxy ink is used in PISM and legend printing, it is very difficult to remove such smudging or spread. Yes, we can clean it with costly solvents but it is not economical. Also, because of high viscosity of ink, through manual operation it was virtually impossible to achieve consistent quality. So with automatic screen printing machines we are achieving quality with marked difference.

Your views on performance of Grafica machine:

First of all, I know Grafica right from its founder's time. Their Cam Shell has a versatile frame mounting system, squeegee equalizer, zero backlash vacuum bed movement. These are some of the few important features which has improved our biosensor printing quality. On the other hand Nano-Print is a great buy and good machine for PCB printing. It is a good substitute for replacing manual screen printing system.

Your company's strength:

We are an end to end company offering design to repair service. We can take a concept, design it, manufacture and extend full support on repair during the life cycle of any product.

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