Grafica News - April 2011

Participants watch glittering practicals of luxury wedding card printing in workshop

During the workshop (17-19 March 2011) on advanced screen printing, in front of 45 participants, Team DMI led by Bhargav Mistry, Director, demonstrated how to produce a luxury wedding card-cum-sweet box using multiple UV special effects. It being wedding season, the concept was well received by many participants especially from commercial and wedding card printing segment.

The job was printed on 400 gsm board with metallised lamination. High tension low elongation yellow dyed polyester mesh of different count was used to achieve perfect registration as this project involved use of 8 UV special effects/varnishes (matt, abrasive, semi gloss UV white, reflective, coral, wrinkle, crystal, silver glitter), of course without using any colour.

The wedding card-cum-sweet box came out with luxury effects, quite matching the GenNext bride and groom's wishes of inviting their guests with glittering and sparkling intention.

“The speciality of this job is that we have not used any colours but completely executed by using 8 different UV special effects/varnishes to demonstrate how wedding cards could be produced without using the hazardous/foul smelling solvent inks,” says Bhargav.

“Over and above, we have also demonstrated how a simple paper board with metallised lamination could be used to produce innovative packaging stuff (sweet box), using your high level of creativity. In nutshell we proved how a good design element gels with screen printing thanks to UV special effect inks and varnishes.”

This time the special attraction was executing process colour screen printing using 4 Grafica's Nano-Print with inline Nano-UV. The live demo on heat transfer printing was an eye opener for many participants.

This is an invitation to join DMI's world and get to know each other. This is a platform specially created to exchange knowledge on advanced screen printing process and technology.

Here is the link: /DMIforyou/154393751266620

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Babooi Sengupta, Designer
Ankit Printing House, Kolkata One aspect is clear to me that without proper knowledge one cannot progress in screen printing business.

Manish Gupta, Partner Shree Venkatesh Industries (India), New Delhi
Bhargav is a God-gifted speaker, the UV special effects printing practically demonstrated by him is simply mind blowing.

Hardhik Porwal, Manager Payal Card, Mumbai
Excellent! Keep up the good work. Wish a bright future to DMI.

Harivadan Piyushbhai, Printwell Offset, Ahmedabad
I came to attend DMI workshop for achieving proficiency in advanced screen printing.

G. Vijayandhran, Group Chief Technology Officer Emirates National Plastic Industries, Sharjah
Bhargav Mistry is knowledgeable; he has good command and practical approach towards the subject. We used to face problems in screen making; I received many tips on screen preparation, how to avoid moiré, heat transfer printing and useful knowledge on over all process of screen printing.

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