Grafica News - Sep 2010

Repro Graphics’ embraces screen printing process to offer value addition

And now in sirca 2010 they have embraced screen printing to offer value added printing solution.

Mr. Kapil Amberkar, partner of Reprographics has now gained immense knowledge and experience in printing industry. Screen printing process, though not strange to him, is a new area that he wants to explore for value addition. “We used to outsource our spot UV and other print finishing requirements. But later we found it logistically inconvenient and quite often quality was also compromised. Hence we decided to set up an in house screen printing unit,” he reasons. We were also quite impressed with Grafica’s machine manufacturing capabilities. Prior to this we had also seen some of the Grafica machines working in good condition in Mumbai and we received good market feedback from my friends in the industry. We felt there was no need to go abroad to buy a quality screen printing machine. With this background we immediately decided to book the machine without having to waste our time in evaluating other machines.

The machine is quite fitting our production requirement and delivering the desired quality prints. It is easy to handle.” concludes Kapil.

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