Grafica News - Sep 2010

Michel Caza & Bhargav Mistry hold joint seminar @FESPA

At the recently concluded FESPA Munich, June 22-26, 2010, Mr. Michel Caza, past president of FESPA and ASPT, and Mr. Bhargav Mistry Managing Director of Grafica Flextronica and DMI, also a member of ASPT, jointly conducted a conference. Mr. Bhargav was the first Indian who presented a seminar in FESPA Europe Exhibitions.

The topic was "The Future of Screen Printing Goes Thru Innovation", A comparison between Western and Asian Countries. The presentation was focused on how European countries are moving towards screen and how in Indian screen printing is moving with the latest trend.

While Michel delivered his exhaustive knowledge in screen printing with regard to the latest trend and future, Bhargav enumerated on the developments taking place in India, how DMI was contributing to the growth of Indian screen printing industry.

Michel said that Graphic and sign are only 20% of screen applications when 35% lies in textile printing and about 45% in industrial applications. Because of industrial production getting shifted to Asian countries, screen printing is also getting more and more attention in this region and that is the advantage for screen printers who are into industrial screen printing such as PCB, membrane switches, etc. And it is going to boom in Asia as viewed by many at FESPA.

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