Grafica News - Sep 2010

Jaipur Printers ventures into screen printing with NANO-PRINT

Recently Grafica's Nano-Print received a royal welcome in the Pink City - Jaipur Printers Pvt. Ltd. It's because they realized its immense potential as an entry level machine because they have a big plan to offer “valueaddition” to their clients. Jaipur Printers is a leading print solution provider with modern infrastructure catering to many prominent clients in India and abroad. One to One with Alok Jain, ED, Jaipur Printers:

Why did you decide to go for Nano-Print?

Before venturing in a big way, we considered NANO-PRINT is a best option to start our print finishing business keeping our investment low, since we were totally new to screen printing.

Your experience with Grafica

After seeing their training facility, DMI with an abundant collection of innovative samples we came to the conclusion that Grafica will a great support for our future venture. The outcome with NANO-PRINT The results we achieved using NANO-PRINT was more than our expectation in terms of quality and productivity.

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