Grafica News - SEP 2010

Gautam Udhyog rolls out 1 million speciality saree box

Gautam Paper Udhyog's founder, Mr. Jitendra Mohan Modi - CEO and Managing Director - has over 30 years' experience in printing and packaging. His “inspirational” son Gautam who is currently studying CA is the future of Gautam Paper Udhyog.

Why Cylinder Press?

We started our business with one manual screen printing table. Later we added five more and two years later we switched over to automation with two semi automatic machines.

However, it did not make any sense to invest further on semi automatic machines the way our business was growing. So if we continued to purchase more semi automatic machines we would have to substantially increase our workforce and production hours to match our targets.

In order to minimize our cost of production and working hours we straightaway jumped over to fully automatic screen printing machine Cylinder Press (30” x 40”) from Grafica. To be honest the kind of business we are into “Cylinder Press” is the most ideal machine for packaging and finishing applications

After effects of Cylinder Press:

We had already earned good reputation as a quality saree box manufacturers but with the help of Grafica's Cylinder Press, its precision quality and speed, has enabled us to raise the quality bar further up. We are receiving good feedback from our customers in terms of quick delivery and praises for improvement in quality.

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