Grafica News - Sep 2010

Dee Ech Art deploys 2 NANO-PRINT’s for expansion

Dee Ech Art, undertakes foil printing, lamination, Spot UV and print finishing, process colour screen printing on school bags, etc.

“During my visit to Grafica I was impressed with the level of quality they maintain in all their machines and interacting with their knowledge-filled team was an enriching experience and we had freedom to clarify all our doubts.” “So, on the spot I realized that I should invest on the best technology instead of buying a cheaper machine and compromise on quality and then repent later,” says Hitesh.

“NANO-PRINT is truly an entry level machine and its economical and very compact. “To my surprise NANOPRINT had been delivering high quality and consistent result. Even my production has almost doubled. That's the reason I bought a second NANO-PRINT” concludes Hitesh with satisfaction.

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