Grafica News - May 2010

Retaining multinational clients in competition

What does your company deal in?

We started with metal label business. It was a manual procedure in those days. Now we have completely switched over to automation with the help of Grafica. Our existing setup includes their ubiquitous semiautomatic Cam-Shell integrated with a UV curing system with complete screen making unit. This setup will now enable us to maintain stringent quality, which is required in industrial screen-printing. Currently we also produce screen-printed graphic overlays, decals, aluminumforged monograms, plastic-injection molding, sheet-metal components, TV remote controls etc.

Why did you choose Grafica ?

It's the most preferred brand in the screen-printing industry. They also know their subject well and how to meet the customers' requirements. We also looked at many other machines. However, we chose Grafica for a number of reasons, their infrastructure, expertise and commitment towards the industry by imparting knowledge. Their machines are value for money.

How automation benefits you?

We could shorten our delivery period, improved our efficiency, productivity and minimized our inventory turn around time. It has also helped us in improving our quality standards. Automation also helps our growth by attracting quality conscious clients.

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