Grafica News - May 2010

“DMI brought career twist in my life” Mayur Patil

Whenever this farmer's son thinks about “success” in life, he immediately remembers and thanks his parents and surely his Bhargav Sir.

After completing full-fledged training in advanced screen printing at DMI, Mayur Patil now runs his own screen printing unit under the name Aims Print in Jalgaon city. He offers spot UV and other print finishing services (specialty screen printing) to offset printers in and around Jalgaon.

Mayur (now 24) hails from Tandalwadi in Jalgaon district (in Maharashtra), often known as the Banana Capital of India. Mayur's family is into agriculture. Born to Dilip Patil and Kaplana, Mayur wanted to do something different in his life. After passing out his HSC, he took admission at IPT, Pune to study printing technology.

After attending a day-long workshop at DMI along with other 60 students from IPT, he was one of the few who spotted greener pastures in screen printing. “I immediately registered for a 6-month course in advance screen printing. This very moment at DMI brought a big twist in my career”, he says. Today, he is not only part of happy alumni of DMI, but also a proud customer of Grafica. He recently bought Grafica's NANOPRINT and a UV-dryer. This is for the first time in the history of DMI that its own student became Grafica's customer.

“Right from 1st standard to HSC to my student career at IPT, I never come across a teacher like Bhargav sir. He is not a stereo type teacher. Today whatever I am, it is because of my parents' full support and Bhargav sir and DMI. He stood by me by helping in whatever way, including financial support, when I wanted to stand on my own feet,” says Mayur

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