Grafica News - May 2009

Grafica provides right guidance training & support

Nasik based Mayur Graphics began its journey with manual screenprinting in 1995 and continued till it became an established print service provider. However, in 1998, the company purchased offset machine (10X15) and continued with it till 2004. Realizing the heat of the competition in offset, they discontinued this business and again switched over to screen printing, but this time with automation. The company purchased a mini Camshell semi automatic (15X20) screen printing machine in 2007 and a UV curing machine in 2008 from Grafica. The company has also a film lamination and sticker half cutting machine.

Only one thought
“At an exhibition in Mumbai we visited stalls of many screen printing machine manufacturers, including Grafica. However, Grafica team clarified all our queries and doubts satisfactorily. Secondly, since it is a Mumbai (Vasai) based company and since we already knew about their reputation in the market, we had no other thoughts but to purchase their machine,” says Mandar Dixit, proprietor of the company.

DMI, advantage screen printers!
“I myself attended a workshop on UV at DMI in 2008, besides attending their 'Screen on Screen' video presentation in Nasik. It showed us the latest development, technology and demonstration of new techniques in screen-printing. Screen-printing is an art and to gain more knowledge in it, DMI is the right institute. And this is also an added benefit to screen printers when they buy machines from Grafica”.

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