Grafica News - May 2009

DMI workshops, a report

DMI began the year 2009 with a big bang. Its first workshop of the year held from January 29-31, was successful with over 30 professionals from printing industry taking part. There was a mix of participants: screen printers, offset printers as well as textile printers. The second workshop held from 5-7 March and the third workshop held from April 23-25, were also most successful with over 35 participants each from all over India.

These 3-day Workshops usually cover 'process standardization in screen printing', 'understanding four colour screen printing techniques' and 'color management workflow for screen printers'.

DMI's workshops cover unique print finishing, using speciality inks and varnishes for packaging, wedding cards, greetings cards and other jobs requiring value addition. The Workshop also showed how to print textile transfers (using PVC phthalate free inks) and how to print neck labels. During the 3-day workshop, the participants could also interact with suppliers of high quality raw materials such as inks, substrates, fabrics, films and discuss their problems and needs. This supplier-printers platform is an uniqueness of DMI.

Those who could not attend earlier, can now register for the next workshop to be held on July 30, 31 and August 1, 2009. For registration, log on to Special Attraction: Learn how to achieve high quality proofing and positive on EPSON 9400 printer.

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