Grafica News - December 2009

Sanjaya’s Amit Kubba shares his experience on Grafica’s Cylinder Press & Wicket Dryer

Amit Kubba is not a man who has too much time on his hands. After all, his company Sanjaya Enterprises is India's No. 1 earthenware (stoneware) printer and he is devoted in keeping it at that position. And yet, he took the time to tell us a little about himself, his life and his work. More importantly, he had a few good words to say about Grafica and the machine he has purchased –A Cylinder Press with Wicket Dryer.

Sanjaya's story is one carved in success. His father, the late Shri Rajkumar Kubba, started this company 33 years ago with a fully manual setup including 15 tables and 70 employees. Over time, the company grew to become one of the most preferred suppliers of printed earthenware and they continue to maintain that position to this day.

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