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Print technology students and their faculties across India get orientation on advanced screen printing process, courtesy DMI

During the academic year 2010-2011, DMIs faculties went on a nationwide campaign covering over dozen printing technology institutes,

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Seminar at SIES Packaging Institute

“I felt like an over satisfied customer.” This was the short and sharp complement expressed by Prof. C.S. Purushothaman, Director of SIES School o

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DMI @GIPT campus

“I wasted my 10 years in search of true knowledge in modern screen printing. Ignorant people say there is no life in screen printing. But DMI showed

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Seminar at NIFT-TEA On 'Application of Screen Printing In Knitting Industry'

An educative seminar on 'Screen Printing Application in knitting industry', was conducted by Grafica at NIFT-TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute, Tirupur'

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An eye opening seminar at GIPT, Mumbai

A seminar on 'an introduction to screen printing technology' was conducted recently at GIPT (Government Institute of Printing Technology), Mumbai.

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