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Nittoku Japan & Sky Screen supports DMI

Japan-based Nippon Tokushu Fabric Co. Ltd. (Nittoku) has launched 'Smartmesh-P in the Indian market through its newly formed Indian arm Sky Screen

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FUJIFILM Sericol India

In an online interview, Ganesh Krishnan, General Manager (Sales & Marketing), Fujifilm Sericol India, share his views with Grafica News on various iss

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DMI adds COLORS to its training programs

DMI adds COLORs to its training programs! In printing industry, not many raw materials manufacturers/suppliers are aware of the 'win-win' benefits of

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J. N. Arora & Co Pvt Ltd, Service with Technology

New Delhi based J.N. Arora & Co.Pvt Ltd is a company set up 50 years ago to cater to the raw material (especially inks) needs of printers in and aroun

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K-Line Products A 'BPO' in the making for the PCB industry

Ink for graphic printing (Union Ink); Ink for PCB (Dozen Tech/Lam Thong, Korea); Digital Ink (Lam Thong, Singapore); Prepregs for multilayer PCB (Chin

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Epson deploys Pro 9400 printer at DMI

The management of EPSON India Pvt Ltd

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A.D. Plast: 'The People of Plastics' support DMI

A.D. Plast Pvt Ltd, a complete

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IDSC takes the cue to support DMI

Realizing the immense benefit and scope for

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